Hiking the virunga volcanoes

Mt. Sabyinyo (the old man’s teeth)

The best choice, based on reviews from hikers, climbing the “old man’s teeth” takes about 8hours. The mountain has three peaks, with different levels of difficulty. Because of it’s rugged nature, there are several wooden ladders along the hiking trail. The third and final peak is where Uganda, Rwanda and the DRC share the boarder.

Mt. Muhabura (the guide)

Overlooking the Kigezi highlands, Mt. Muhabura stands among the three volcanoes dotting Mgahinga Gorilla National. The 4,127m high volcano has a creator lake on top. Once at the top of the volcano, the rest of the Virunga mountains (Mikeno, Karisimbi and Visoke) are visible in a distance.

Mt. Gahinga (small pile of stones)

A favorite to many hikers perhaps due to it’s low altitude, hiking Mt. Gahinga takes you through the lush vegetation cover of Mgahinga National Park. The 5-7 hour hike goes through several vegetation zones, including bamboo cover. Upon reaching the top, the cool air and the breeze from the giant lobelia in the creator swamp is so fulfilling